Depths of Sanity Grows With The Release of Chapter 4!

Hey Everyone,

Big News: Chapter 4 of Depths of Sanity has arrived in early access, and it brings a whole lot of new levels, features, and more to the game. Check out the launch trailer here:

If you’ve already been playing along with us, we hope you enjoy the next chapter! But if you’re new, here’s what you’re in for:

Depths of Sanity is an underwater metroidvania nightmare. You play as Abe Douglas, a Commander in the G.O.A.A. tracking down the Baroness, a submarine staffed by his old crew that went dark while investigating a mysterious signal at the bottom of the ocean.

The entire game takes place under the sea, flipping a lot of the usual metroidvania mechanics on their head. There are no double jumps to save you here. Instead, you’ll use unique tools like diver suits to squeeze through tight areas, sonar to guide you through pure blackness, and tow lines to yank you through heavy currents, and, if you’re feeling frisky, send yourself flying into your enemies.

The first three chapters entered early access on Halloween, and while we’ve made steady updates, Chapter 4 brings a lot of new things to the table, including two all-new environments — The Dying Reef and Tectonic Rift — and a host of new features like fast-travel, improved HUD and visual upgrades, accessibility options, and more.

It’s a giant update, and this week only, you can get Depths of Sanity for $13.50. That’s cheaper than our standard Early Access price, and significantly cheaper than our final launch price (which will be $20).

Take the plunge and grab your copy here.

And we definitely want your feedback, so while you’re playing, make sure you send us your thoughts either on our Discord, Steam Discussion Board, or DM us on Twitter.

Thank you for all of your support!

The Bomb Shelter Games Team




We’re an indie game developer sharing the highs and lows of getting our underwater metroidvania, “‘Depths of Sanity,” to the finish line.

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Bomb Shelter Games

Bomb Shelter Games

We’re an indie game developer sharing the highs and lows of getting our underwater metroidvania, “‘Depths of Sanity,” to the finish line.

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