Depths of Sanity Early Access Launch (Part 2) — Pricing, Perks, and More!

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3 min readSep 30, 2020


A few quick shots of just some of the places you’ll explore on your journey.

Hey Everyone,

Last month we told you the big news — Depths of Sanity is going Early Access on October 30th! We detailed how we came to the decision in this blog post, so definitely give it a read if you haven’t yet.

But now that we’re officially one month (!) away from our Early Access launch, we wanted to share with you some more information about what to expect on launch day:


On October 30th Depths of Sanity will go into Early Access.

For the initial launch, you’ll be able to play the first 3 chapters (out of 6) to completion. They will contain all of the mechanics, story elements, boss fights, and secrets of the final game.

After this initial launch, the plan is to add-in player feedback and release the remaining chapters of the game every two months. Chapter 4 would come out by the end of December/early January, Chapter 5 by the end of February/Early March, with the final Chapter releasing somewhere in April/May.

Your save data will carry through the additional patches and chapter additions, which will add even more to previous sections.

For example, when we release Chapter 4, you’re not just getting a new biome and story segment — you’ll be uncovering new tools and weapons that can help you more deeply explore the previous sections. And, depending on player feedback, there may be additional enhancements that also release if we’re seeing a consensus from our audience.

The goal is to spend 6–8 months in Early Access fine-tuning the game and incorporating player feedback before the full launch. Of course, this could change if we receive overwhelming feedback that requires massive overhauls.


When Depths of Sanity goes into Early Access on October 30th it will be priced at $14.99. This will remain the price throughout the entire Early Access period, whether you’re one of our Day 1 supporters or decide to leap aboard once we release Chapter 5 a few months from now.

The earlier you support us, the more feedback and influence you can have on the development of the game, but whenever you join during this period you’ll receive all additional chapter updates for free, alongside bonus modes that will launch with the full game such as a boss rush, new game+, and more.

Once we leave Early Access for our full launch on Steam and XBOX, the price will raise to $19.99. It will remain there for our subsequent platform launches.


We really want to show our thanks to those who support us during our Early Access period.

The first 500 Early Access supporters to buy the game and send us a screenshot to our Discord (join our Discord here) will receive their name in the credits as a special thanks for helping us out through development.

In addition to getting your name into the credits, participating enters you into a drawing where 5 lucky players will get a free code for Depths of Sanity’s finished release on an additional platform of their choosing. So if you win and are looking forward to the Switch version in particular, you’ll be able to get an additional Switch copy for free.


We’re incredibly excited to show you what we’ve been working on at the end of the month, and can’t wait for our launch.

We really hope you choose to support us through this period and are incredibly grateful for those of you who take the plunge with us.

Keep following us on Twitter for updates, join our Discord, and we’ll be in touch soon with our official launch trailer!

We’re excited, can you tell?



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